08 February 2012

'Piojo' Mathieu

As the tip of Argentina against Van Gaal, the French full-back is the bane of the current Barca.

Neither Soldado, Aduriz, Jonás, Paul Hernandez nor Jordi Alba. The great danger of Valenci to tonight at the Camp Nou is a left-back Jeremy Mathieu . At 28, French is becoming one of those players who seem to grown when they face Barca, as in his time did the recordadísimo 'Piojo' Lopez , the bete noire of Louis van Gaal. The best proof of this is that Mathieu has given four goal assists against the team he coaches Pep Guardiola and all shares after virtually identical: break from behind the left wing run to the line and pass into the box looking for the auction of the first of a colleague who comes from behind in the race.

Thus was hatched the goal of Jonás in the first leg last week in Valencia . The French came up, waited a pass from Jordi Alba into space and, after running unmarked because Cuenca had not followed him, got the ball back to culminate Jonás.

In the league, last September, Mathieu was also a headache for Guardiola and his men. The Valencia-Barcelona ended 2-2 and the two 'targets' local paths raids came after Gallo winger. In the 1-0 defense and attacking one of three formed by Puyol, Abidal and Mascherano, Mathieu banda again run a large service gap of Paul. This time the French did not give the killer pass but put a cross parallel to the goal line. Abidal, who got overwhelmed and touched the ball just enough to deflect it towards his goal.

In the play of 2-1, also in the first part, Mathieu again showed his class by banda. Stuck on the sidelines, and squeezed by Mascherano, returned to manage to, in the race, put a cross that caught off guard and allowed to Abidal Paul, just like the one shot Victor.

His first appearance was against Barca in La Liga 2010-2011, and at the Camp Nou. The clash ended 2-1 for the Catalans but started with a goal from Paul again to pass the death of Mathieu after a brilliant raid banda.

Asked by MD on how to stop the French, Lobo and Carrasco gave some clues Charly Rexach. For the first, "Mathieu is a physical marvel that you can destroy the race at 1 minute and 90, so we have to watch him with great concentration. It is best to attack a lot for your band to be worried about defending. And if you can, the best is required to leave at dribbling inside you wait for the central support. " For Rexach "the best is to put an end which requires him to defend and anchor behind. And there is another option for deactivating, if the space is so good, wait back so you do not have space." Pure logic 'made in Charly'

Out of contract this summer and has offers
Jérémy Mathieu signed for three years with Valencia in 2009, bringing the next June 30 is free. The club 'che' want to renew, but so far no agreement. At 28 years, the French have a choice of signing a big contract and offers, especially from Italy (Inter Milan and Roma). Dubbed Robocop for his impressive physical presence (1.93 m.), His great performances in Valencia have allowed her to get the international. (via MD)