02 February 2012

Pinto: "I slipped and accidentally touched the ball with my armpit"

José Manuel Pinto , Barcelona goalkeeper, recognized today, after the game his team faced with Valencia at the Mestalla, having touched the ball, "the armpit" and involuntarily outside the party in an action that could mean expulsion .

"I slipped and I fell on the ball and has contacted the armpit. It's been unintentional," he assured Pinto on the action of 19 minutes in which an inmate cut Roberto Soldado arm outside the area.

"It was a fortuitous action. I went for the ball and hit me in armpit," repeated the Barcelona goal, who also said he does not know if that action could determine the game and its final result (1-1).

On being informed that his coach, Pep Guardiola, they had recognized that this action might influence the development of the game, Pinto said, "That is your opinion, everyone has their own. I have nothing to say."

In addition, Pinto has also indicated that the marker does not resolve the tie, but that Barcelona had a chance to have achieved a better result for the second leg, to be held at next week.

Argentina's Javier Mascherano has said that he had been unaware hand outside of his fellow Pinto. "I hear now that you say to me, so I can not comment," he said. (via MD)