13 February 2012

Pep, pissed off with the first part

Probably the first time that Pep Guardiola slides a reproach to his players among the factors analyzed after the game. "If in the second part we have been good in this field, could we have been better in the first," said the incidence of cold, hard ground in the game of Barca in Pamplona.

Indeed, the team was better after the break, where Guardiola period exhibited what is commonly called his 'mosqueo' by the performance. In its way, as unconventional in that Pep is capable of doing, abroncó coach their players in the dugout during the break, something he has done on other occasions when she had to alert them to the recidivism of errors.

The end result certainly did not help to take that generated the worst temper first 45 minutes of his team, confirming that the coach was in Pamplona with the fly behind the ear. Pep's not often that acknowledgment and a marker. On Saturday he was caught completely by surprise as most of culés. (via MD)