28 February 2012

Pep also told the players that they could not win this league

Guardiola took the win for his own harangue but to give practically lost the title.

The Blaugrana celebrated in style on the same turf the Vicente Calderón victory against Atlético Madrid, aware that these three points were fueling the aspirations of the team win la Liga. In fact, not only on the pitch but in the dressing room after the group celebrated in style a victory that had for many a meaning beyond the three points because they made ​​it clear that Barcelona was going to fight to the last breath for this championship.

However, in the dressing room celebrations are over soon, since the arrival of Pep Guardiola put the brakes on the euphoria a few minutes before. blaugrana coach, with rictus seriously, rallied his men to congratulate you first for the working and deserving victory, but immediately left baffled much of the group to ensure the open, without mincing words, that "the League can not win," dropped so unabashedly also that "we must focus on the Champions League and the Copa", but adding that "we must continue to compete well in the League for not slowing down in Europe."

Obviously such a statement of intent by the blaugrana technical left a bittersweet taste in the group, who minutes earlier was practically singing the famous "get 'em, get' em".

A few minutes later, at a press conference, Guardiola he repeated almost word for word the message steeped in pessimism and resignation that had let his men in the locker room.

Why Guardiola told his players that la Liga was lost and had to focus on the Champions League and Copa? The truth is that in the locker room each has a special interpretation. Some believe it is to further motivate others to take away pressure, we must also think you want to report that a team must win by 'decretazo' this league and that no matter how hard the work ended up being empty, but have to stay that way for everyone to realize such an injustice ... Whatever the interpretation of the words of Pep, in the locker room no one believes that la Liga is still missing, although they assume that the comeback is very uphill and every day that passes is more complicated.

And this also comes at a momentous time for Barcelona, ​​as he continues to hope that Guardiola finally accept their renewal for one year.

There is no doubt that if this whole strategy that is driving you're just going right in front of a true visionary genius.