12 February 2012

Pedro: "We're a little screwed by the outcome"

The team blaugrana allowed league another piece of Pamplona and this Sunday could be 10 points behind Real Madrid.

The game in the Reyno was essential and the staff was quite clear. Therefore, players could not hide his disappointment after the game.

Pedro recognized that the defeat is a stick. "We're a little fucked up how it went for the match and the result. We knew we could not fail and the League has become more difficult, because they can be 10 points. Of course, we will fight to the end. They have come out very strong in the first half and it cost us to enter. We have made a great game and could not be final, "said Tenerife.

In the same line, said Victor Valdes. "Realistically, the League has become very difficult. We have failed and are now 10 points (if he wins Real Madrid). It is not definitive, but it is more difficult. We have no choice but to keep his head high, "he said.

The Blaugrana goalkeeper complained of doubts Trio in Arbitral Alexis goal disallowed. "If the linesman was going to point out game, which had raised the flag. And if I wanted to give the goal, then to run the midfield, not stand there waiting, doing nothing, "said Valdes.

Meanwhile, Gerard Pique asked for support from the fans and stressed that we must think and in the Champions League. "People are not stupid. Ten points are many and will be complicated. Now it Leverkusen and then Valencia. It is hard to see how a title is going out of hand. The Champions always attracts a lot and give everything to win. Keep people on our side, we need them more than ever, "said central Barcelona. Finally, Isaac Cuenca said that the state of grass can not be an excuse. "If they have played well and have scored more goals than us, has not been alone in the field but more. We know that the League is difficult, but we will fight until the end, "Reus said.

Vidal-Abarca, "Do not give up as lost"

The director of economic and strategic area (Facilities and Security, Josep Ramon Vidal-Abarca, represented the club last night at the Reyno de Navarra and stressed that the team will continue fighting for the League until the end. "In the second part, Barça reacted and showed their level. The team will continue going forward. The team is animated with passion and do not give up for lost the league. " (via SPORT)