04 February 2012

Pedro, KO for the Cup

The canary is not for the return leg on Wednesday against Valencia, his adductor contracture is giving you headaches.

To Pedro Rodriguez was choking, and how, in the adductor contracture of his left leg he suffered last January 27 during a workout. In fact, the canary has already lost three league 'Two (Villarreal and Real Sociedad) and a Cup (Valencia)', but it seems that things will not stay there because it is also virtually ruled out of Wednesday's game against Valencia at the Camp Nou. Low doubtless sensitive, especially considering the significance of the meeting, and that Barcelona will be playing a final pass.

In any case, not all bad news on 'Can Barça', as Andres Iniesta is developing very favorably of their small tear in the femoral biceps of his left leg he suffered last January 25 during the Cup quarter-turn to the Real Madrid at the Camp Nou.

In principle, the predicted time for his return was about three weeks, so it seemed that would not at least until 14 February when the team returns to the Champions League. However, the feelings are so good that the Fuentealbilla may return a few days before, specifically the next weekend against Osasuna in the Reyno de Navarra.

In any case, the doctors take care of all details regarding the manchego, and not to forget their history of hamstring injury: he has already suffered three breaks this season.

Alves, Busquets and Messi ready against

At low accumulating injury could join FC Barcelona Dani Alves, Sergio Busquets and Leo Messi penalty if they were reprimanded tonight against Real Sociedad. In that case you lose the match next Saturday (day 11) against Osasuna in Pamplona (20 hours). Alves, Busquets and Messi lead and four yellow cards in what takes league championship. (via SPORT)