21 February 2012

Open negotiation with Guardiola

Zubizarreta and Pep Guardiola met last week to address the future of the coach and the settings in the template.

Pep Guardiola is not clear. The coach is torn between the need to take a break and leave the bench for Barça or accept the renewal offer Blaugrana and cope with their fifth consecutive season in front of the locker room at the Camp Nou. The coach does not hide and she said so publicly at a press conference. The Santpedor takes time and the dome of the club has already stepped forward to confirm that you will need all the room before making his decision. While Barça boils, the leaders of the plot breathe sports Can Barça cautious optimism, although it is obvious that they handle privileged information.

On Saturday, Vice President Josep Maria Bartomeu, said in an interview with SPORT had no reason to doubt the renewal of Guardiola. The manager was playing with an advantage in its manifestation. As confirmed by this newspaper, in the course of last week, the coach had an important meeting with Andoni Zubizarreta. The meeting between the coach and the executive was far beyond the routine appointments in the offices of the Ciutat Esportiva. The talk reviewed the day to day, but also made a final section on the renewal of Pep. The director of professional football would have raised the concerns generated by the delay of Guardiola would have and sounded the axis on which turns the internal debate of the coach. The environment of the coach insists it needs a bit more time to clarify their ideas. The Barça dressing room requires absolute dedication and commitment and Guardiola has spent years in front of the most successful sports project in the history of the club have also become toll. The internal and external pressures are inevitable, but Pep has learned to live with them. Of course, the leaders Barca have been asked a little more leeway.

Bartomeu and Zubizarreta are convinced that the signing of the renewal of Guardiola is a matter of time. They take refuge in a very significant fact. Pep maintained the same pattern of work than in previous seasons. Regardless of the date of expiry of his contract, the Santpedor has played a decisive chapter of renovations and upgrades Barça B players to the first team from next summer. What's more transcendental. In the area of ​​high and low, in the delicate tracing of the market, the coach has been implicated as always, no sign of an approaching end. As to the first team, nothing has been retouched without Pep was aware. Another key element that invites us to think that nothing will change in a matter of months, is derived from the pre-season planning 2012-13. The current structure has submitted their suggestions in order to adapt the economic requirements of the marketing department with the needs of physical work.

Players, coaches and Barça fans in general expect a positive outcome soon. However, those close to Guardiola warned that the future of coach will not resolve the fast track. The agenda is not checked, no specific date or key party, the moratorium could last about a month. That really is a time estimate to see if Pep renewed as Barça coach or will come an end. (via SPORT)