12 February 2012

Neymar, worth 55 million euros

The consultancy Pluri Sport established the classification of the 25 players most coveted among those who dispute the Copa Libertadores.

The Brazilian Santos Neymar is the MVP of the Copa Libertadores, according to a study by the Sport Pluri consultaroría which includes the ranking of the 25 top rated players in the top flight of South America.

According to the survey, Santos striker has a market value of 123.8 million Brazilian eral, about 55 million euros, well ahead of compatriot Leandro Damiao the International Documentary Porto Alegre, whose transfer is valued at 51.8 million reais (23 million euros). Third on the list is Paulo Henrique Ganso, valued at 50.6 million (22.5 million).

Santos are the team with more players in this category as well as Neymar and Ganso four other players have entered, Danilo Henrique and Fucile. In fact, the classification is dominated by players from the two major powers of South American football: sixteen Brazilian and Argentine six. The first player in the country's southern Lisandro Lopez Sarandí Arsenal defense, worth 7.3 million euros and is located on the tenth. The nine players that precede it are Brazilian.

The star in the past Barca and AC Milan Ronaldinho de Assis, share the eleventh position with the player of Corinthians, Alex. Its market value is 15.8 billion reais (seven million). The rest of the classification is completed by a Chilean (Charles Aranguiz, University of Chile), Uruguayan (Jorge Fucile, Santos) and Mexican (Marco Fabian, Chivas Guadalajara).

Santos is also the most valuable

If Neymar is the MVP of the Libertadores, Santos leads the ranking of the 32 teams contesting the tournament, with a total value of the templates is 1,100 million euros as' pluri Sport. The staff of Santos would have a total value of 137 million euros, followed by the International (84) and Corinthinas (72). The first six are Brazilian and the first Argentine in the seventh, is Boca Juniors (53 million). (via SPORT)