28 February 2012

Neymar: "Ronaldinho I am raved about Barça"

"I always had to Ronaldinho as a reference."
"Ronaldinho told me that Barcelona is wonderful."

Undoubtedly, one of the highlights of the match between Brazil and Bosnia-Herzegovina on Tuesday at 20.00 AFG Arena stadium in Saint-Gallen (Switzerland), the same scenario in which Spain and Chile last played September will see in action Neymar.

The Brazilian crack has served Mundo Deportivo mixed zone this afternoon, just before training. Neymar, who is in Switzerland with his parents and sister, who will live the match against Bosnia in the field, said that both Ronaldinho and Dani Alves is Barça have spoken wonders.

Neymar said that Ronaldinho, "I've always been a benchmark," he is advising well. "I have always in mind the advice of Ronaldinho, and he spoke wonders of Barça and the city, who told me that is wonderful." The young Brazilian player has stated that in his opinion "Barça is an excellent team, as everyone knows, full of stars."

A Neymar, not even for a moment lost the smile, he was also asked if their relationship with Santos until 2014 is still short, so the player has responded that "to date anything can happen, even I have much to do with the Santos. "

He quickly went back on the topic of conversation in Barca in the mixed zone, and Neymar also recognized Dani Alves "I've said many times I go to Barça." We must comment that has been very good vibes from Neymar and Alves throughout the day. They have not stopped messing around in no time and have a snack after heading into training camp together, to prepare and Tuesday's game against Bosnia-Herzegovina. (via MD)