29 February 2012

Neymar plans possible future at Blaugrana

Discreetly, Neymar prepares his possible departure of Santos trying not to harm his club.

Neymar start thinking and in Blaugrana. No big fanfare, no winks, no outbursts or statements out of place that could inflame Santos FC and its fans, the truth is that the 'Mohicans' is paving the way for a possible departure from the club revealed that and which therefore is identified. The 'Jewel' and has decided to put an end to his time in Brazil. Your destination is the Camp Nou. Do not want a traumatic rupture process but is committed to a transition without fanfare and unnecessary controversies that may erode the current directive Santos, with whom she has a great relationship, his own image.

In everything that depends on it, Neymar is creating a scenario that facilitates break to Barcelona. Proof of this is 'clause Barcelona' which is introducing its new sponsorship contracts. Thus, the player is sure to keep your personal sponsors, should stop acting in Brazilian football. This is not a mere detail in the middle of pages and pages with small print, but is a strategic issue, involving some 10 million euros annually.

Neymar anyone forget, in your country, is a mass phenomenon, a social idol cross. Is the new 'miracle menino' of Brazilian advertising. On the doorstep of age 20, your own portfolio of advertisers is a global crack. Large companies operating in the booming Brazilian market are literally cake to associate their image with a player who has captured entirely to a country of 200 million potential consumers.

The 'Mohicans' is the most beloved athlete in his country and is in the Top-3 of the attached Brazilian celebrities over the media, having overcome the 'star system' of TV Globo soap operas, singers with an established career, or players such as Ronaldinho Gaucho, who plays for Flamengo, the country's most popular club.

The 'clause Barça' is beneficial for all parties: first, the player keeps his millions in income and on the other hand, the marks will not be renegotiated to increase the values ​​of a player who is gaining a global dimension. And thirdly, to Barcelona itself, never shared image rights, it is highly positive: keeping their sponsors, the value of your data will not become a transcendental aspect.

Advertising has been the strategic factor that has made possible the stay of Neymar at Santos. The summer of 2010, before an offer of 36 million euros, the 'Mohicans' galactic signed his first contract. His club, improve you apart from the card, I started looking for sponsors, which remained at 30%.

After lurking in Madrid and Barcelona, ​​Neymar signed his new contract in the fall, with which you can leave your club in 2014 with the letter of termination under his arm. The percentage of the income of Santos decreased from 30 to 10%, which created some controversy in the club environment. President Luis Alvaro de Oliveira said he will compensate with increased box office, television contracts and marketing efforts. Since signing the renewal, the footballer has associated its image to three large companies: Banco Santander, the phone operator Claro and consumer goods giant Unilever. In the three contracts, appears 'clause Barça'.

In addition, Santos will continue to grow when Neymar is in Barcelona. The Brazilian wants to be grateful to the club that changed his life and his family. For this reason, the player, when negotiating their low quite possibly this summer, will give the Saints the opportunity to continue charging 10% of their existing advertising contracts. This formula would show good will of the player with the current directive Santos, and, incidentally, would lower the price of his transfer.

Ronaldo is check cable to Barça and says it is 'the best in the world'

Ronaldo is a figure to take into account the environment Neymar. The company's Phenomenon, '9 ine ', is managing his image rights, and who is in charge of looking for new sponsors. Once the hook is Madrid in the race for Neymar, Ronaldo has surprised saying that "the best for the progression of Neymar is going to play in Europe." The phenomenon, also launched a final nod when he insisted that Barcelona Pep "is the best football team I've ever seen play." (via SPORT)