10 February 2012

Nekounam: "If you go a little low level against Barca will kill us"

Javad Nekounam declared that to win Barça, Osasuna should make a "perfect" game since "if we leave a little under of level they kill" us.

"Make it perfect, you have to do more than other parties to win at Barca. If you go a little lower level are going to kill us and put us five or six goals and out. Do not want to lose and we will try to win and make a good game, "he said at a news conference in Tajonar.

Persian Player is unusual in the press room Tajonar and in fact today was his second appearance before reporters this season, which has stressed that the Barcelona "is the best team in the world" and Lionel Messi "the best player in the world."

Still, he noted that the 'rojillos' are "ready" for Saturday's game: "We know it's difficult because the club is the best team in the world, but do not think they will try to do good things. "

Nekounam not share the opinion of some that the Barca team is not in a good time: "They are in good time. Otherwise, no gain many games. Another thing is to have injured players, but we also have. "

However, Barcelona has admitted that the low performance on the road this season: "This can happen here too because we play at home with the support of the fans . We can do something, although we know that's hard. "

It has targeted as key to "defend well." "If more slack defending will kill us," he underlined, although it has stated that it does not mean the entire grant possession to the opponent: "We can not think they attack all the time and we defend. If you only think about defense will get a goal and then it is difficult to lift the game. "

He said that if Barcelona will click in Pamplona in a "difficult" for Real Madrid in the league and has indicated that Pep Guardiola will attack more than in the Copa del Rey match played at the Reyno de Navarra in January, when Osasuna went into halftime with a 1-0, but ultimately lost 1-2.

Nekounam commented that they do not think either embedded in the 8-0 Camp Nou in La Liga in the first round and has promised: "We will raise the head in the game."

He indicated that it is key that Messi does not have a good day: "It's the best player in the world. Any player may fail chances, but most important is that each party has 5 or 6 chances. "

As captain of Iran, Nekounam used to vote for players from Barcelona for the FIFA Ballon d'Or: "For me, they are the best. Messi, Xavi, Iniesta, Piqué. vote for them I like them because I like their football. taca tiqui I like. " (via SPORT)