18 February 2012

Mourinho: "I was very educated in the parking"

Real Madrid coach said he was very "polite" with Teixeira in the parking Vitienes Camp Nou.

José Mourinho, coach of Real Madrid, said at a news conference that the photo hoping the referee in the car park is real, and spoke with him to his departure: "In the car park at the Camp Nou was very educated in terms of what happened before. "On the controversy over the Cup final, the Portuguese did not get wet, "not my problem. Last year it was. I have nothing to do with this."

The Luso was much more cautious than usual, especially when asked about the possible passage in the Camp Nou and league position: "I would win the championship tomorrow. And I think it is not possible as champion at Camp Nou. To me it is nonsense to say that we get 15 points for a team like Barcelona. If we win La Liga with one point ahead will be fantastic. We are in a good position in the league, but there are many games and each game is difficult. and I think that Barcelona is a team that can string together a winning streak of ten games and if we lose, we're in trouble. have to play every game like the last. " (via SPORT)