04 February 2012

Montanier: "Barça is a high mountain to be up"

Philippe Montanier, does not fear the match against FC Barcelona, ​​despite the opponent's body and lows of your team, and sees it as a "challenge" professional "a lot" for its players to challenge it.

Montanier before train his team in the final preparatory session of the meeting, said that the set of Pep Guardiola is a "high mountain" to be up and calls it the "best team in the world and perhaps in all history. "

"Every player wants to play and even for all teams win this mission seems impossible, we know that in football anything is possible", stated Coach Norman.

The French coach is not afraid of what might happen in the Camp Nou, where most teams thrashed out, and believes that moves to Barcelona "good template" to oppose the Catalans.

Montanier has also referred to the configuration of its staff following the movements during the winter, which has not registered inputs but outputs, which will "more space" and result, has secured the benefit of young people who call the door of the first team from the cantera. (via SPORT)