05 February 2012

Montanier: "Barca deserved to win"

The coach of Real Sociedad, Philippe Montanier, was satisfied with the game displayed by his team and made it clear that Barca deserved to win the match.

Philippe Montanier attended the press conference proud of his team's performance in the Nou Camp despite the defeat. "Barca deserved their victory, but in the end, with only one goal difference, I expected a draw. I am satisfied with the behavior of their players, but not the outcome, although we know it is very difficult here in Barcelona," has recognized .

The coach knew that Barça could pay at the end of the match effort in recent weeks: "I know that Barça is having a lot of games, I had to make many changes, but his game has been showing regularly." As for Messi, the French complained that his team controlling the world's best player for much of the game, but ultimately the star Barca managed to score and break a streak of three games without scoring. "It is true that the second goal was very difficult for us. We know that anything can happen Messi is a magician, but it is true that the work of my team has been very severe to wait until the final result set. "

"In the second half we were better with the ball, we had two or three good chances, enough against Barca. So it is a pleasure for me," the coach of La Real.