14 February 2012

Michael Ortega, "Xavi's shirt for me"

The Colombian footballer of Bayer Leverkusen, Michael Ortega, analyzed the Champions League qualifying his team played against Barca and said "it is difficult but we have nothing to lose".

"It is difficult to eliminate Barca but we have nothing to lose. We can make history," declared the midfielder to COM Radio. "Individually they are extraordinary but we will endeavor to not be easy for them," he added.

Ortega, who knew the League, said that "the game against Osasuna not serve as a reference, Xavi and Iniesta did not play, they are the best in the world and make a difference in this team."

And jokingly told his teammate Gonzalo Castro: "Do not think you're going to have that shirt. Xavi's shirt for me. I want to talk with Xavi, ask for advice. It is a very humble human being. Say I look like but it is on another level. have Xavi's shirt would be a great memory for me. "

Finally he said: "If we want to move the tie to win. Although a draw against Barcelona would be a good result." (via SPORT)