16 February 2012

Mestalla has all the numbers to host the Cup final

The secretary general of the RFEF, Jorge Perez, has ruled the Bernabeu.
The Calderon has set for the same day a concert by the band Coldplay.

It seems that the soap opera on the venue for the final of Copa del Rey comes to an end. After the Spanish Football Federation has confirmed that it will be held at the Santiago Bernabeu, Mestalla is the most viable option right now.

In an interview with Catalan radio station ONAfm, the general secretary of the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Jorge Perez has ruled Stadium Real Madrid , as expected. Although the two finalist clubs, Barça and Athletic , formally called the Santiago Bernabeu stadium to host the final, Real Madrid made ​​clear their position during the match against Levante chanting 'Cup final not played here'

After discarding the white stadium, the Federation already looks for other alternatives as Vicente Calderón, Mestalla or La Cartuja's stadium, although the stadium of Valencia is the one that has more numbers.

For its capacity and its location, Calderon was one of the options that are shuffled, but has been dismissed after confirmation that the day May 20 the Vicente Calderon has set for the same day a concert by British band Coldplay.

Not even being played on 25 May (in the event that the club reached the final of the Champions League) the Calderon enter into the plans as the state concerned would be the pitch after the concert and if there time to replace the lawn.

La Cartuja in Seville, with capacity for 60,000 spectators, was one of the options that were probed with strength in recent days as an alternative, but the location could not quite convince the two parties.

It is this context seems to Mestalla , with 55,000 locations in capacity, is the most viable option and will host the Cup final between Athletic and Barça , as was the case in 2009 . (via MD)