20 February 2012

Messi: "We all want to stay Guardiola"

Leo Messi released the desire of all players that Pep Guardiola barcelonistas continue next season on the bench for Barça.

Nothing more to conclude the match, and even with the ball under the arms, Leo Messi attended microphones Canal +. And he began by analyzing the match. "It took us over start and had the misfortune of his goal, but then we have been able to trace the game." Once again, the striker evaded protagonist of the game, despite his four goals and that he spoke of the team. "The important thing is that the team regained its level, as it did in Germany. Now is when they get the important things in the season."

Leo also declined to enter the bait when asked about the criticism he had received lately. "You always have things but I am calm and I know I have confidence mister, my colleagues and the people of Barça."

And, of course, the last question had to be on the future of Pep Guardiola. "What is left is what we all want. Let him decide when he wants, but to stay, because it is very important to us." (via SPORT)