27 February 2012

Messi, a parable of genius

In an action set pieces, and scattered athletic defense, Argentine sealed the match with the seal of the best player in the world.

Messi did not perform his best game at the Vicente Calderón. Neither she needed. Leo was not the player destabilizing other occasions when the ball was running on the battered grass mattress. Among the very poor pitch conditions and extreme hardness exhibited red and white behind, the Argentinian star was very irregular until minute 81. But at that point, the genius rubbed the lamp and the football world went on with another of those great goals to be framed as works of art.

This time, the culé star had to break the game pieces. It was in an isolated, almost at the edge of the area of Atlético de Madrid, when Pérez Lasa ruled a foul ball away, and while trying to sort desgañitaba Courtois is a defensive barrier, Xavi came the ball, mumbled something about the Messi low and rushed to the ball. The rest, one of those shots worth repeating a thousand times. The launch stratospheric rose and fell so close to the final squad of Courtois that she could only show a face stunned by the brilliance and genius of Messi. Embraces a few timid protests and a defense that paid the big mistake of wasting time on a barrier that never asked for the Blaugrana attack intertwined while Calderón had his hands to his head.

But Messi was not an accident. And who better than Atlético Madrid to verify in their own skin that nobody, absolutely nobody can sleep while Leo standing on a field. But it seems that the mattress did not learn in your day. We need to go to another Barça-Atlético Madrid, this time at the Camp Nou, to recall an oversight of the goalkeeper Coupet which gave an entire post for the Argentina star will overflow while unceremoniously requested a sterile barrier. Leo is one of a kind, among other things, details like that yesterday magnify further his career. (via SPORT)