16 February 2012

Messi, the 'bicentennial' youngest Barça history

If no countermanding of Guardiola, Messi will become Sunday at the youngest player to reach the 200 league games for Barça.

When the dispute-Valencia Barca, Messi will be 24 years and 240 days. If Guardiola aligned, the Rosario will be contesting his 200 game in First Division, the current Liga. There would be a particularly important data-other 37 players reached that figure before the club were it not that Leo will bicentennial in the top before anyone else in Barça, the youngest in history.

Messi will have achieved this record long before Xavi Hernandez, who until now was the youngest to play the game 200 on First. The Terrassa it did 25 years and 236 days and exceeded the classification of younger bicentennial Andres Iniesta (25 years and 271 days), Guillermo Amor (26 years and 161 days) and Victor Valdes (26 years and 299 days) .

Will his 200 games in la Liga since October 16, 2004 Frank Rijkaard made his debut in the Olympic Stadium Lluís Companys in Barcelona Espanyol-Barça victory that ended 0-1. Messi jumped on the lawn of Montjuïc 82 minutes of that game, with the number 30 to the back, replacing the scorer of the night, Deco. The Argentine was 17 and 114 days.

At the 2004-2005 season only played six more games with the first team, was still in the discipline of Barca B, and scored his first goal in a match against Albacete at the Camp Nou that ended 2-0.

Leo Messi numbers are spectacular at this time. In 199 games has vivivo 147 wins, 33 draws and 19 defeats, scoring a whopping 142 goals, 14 of them from the penalty spot. La Liga has fired 16 times from the spot and only failed to then Recreativo goalkeeper Asier Riesgo in the 2008-2009 season and before the Sevilla goal Javi Varas in the current campaign. Interestingly, the two penalty decisions were spent at Camp Nou. And keep in your home ten balls as many league games in which signed a 'hattrick'. The last, on October 29 against Mallorca.

Disciplinary level, the Rosario has never been sent off in league match and so far do not know what is to fulfill a five-yellow. The maximum number of cards he had seen in a season was four last season, leading them in this campaign. That means that Messi is the second time in his career at First Division to the limit of the suspension and given that there are 16 games left this year if it should rest on this reason.

A break that many will want to make your return is greater, but Messi does not want to miss a minute. In this league has played 1,919 of the 1,980 championship. Just missed the first 61 minutes of game Real Sociedad-Barca of the third day, until Guardiola was ordered onto the field to replace Thiago.

Another curiosity in the history of Messi to reach 200 in his first game is not undefeated against 20 of the 33 clubs to which they have faced in this category. Racing is the club that has faced more times, with 12 games, followed by Atletico Madrid, Osasuna, Espanyol, Real Madrid, Zaragoza, Seville and Valencia, with 11. In the chapter goals, his 'victim' is preferred Atletico Madrid, who has endorsed 14 goals. However, it has a negative figure in the mattress: are most times you have been defeated in the First Division with 4.

200 games without having yet reached age 25. Very few players in the history of the Spanish league can boast that record, starting with the exmadridista Raúl González. The current player of the match Schalke 04 celebrated its 200 with the white club when I was 22 years and 240 days. And returning to the general classification of Barca players in the league, Messi is ranked 38. When bicentennial trap at position 37 that was left back in the 80 Julio Alberto and will throw the current coach of Barça B, Eusebio Sacristan, who played 203 games with the Barça shirt.

Messi still has far to the other four active players in the club with more games. In reverse order, currently totals 257 Iniesta, Victor Valdes, 317, Puyol, Xavi 360 and, the most league games played with Barça shirt, 401. The Terrassa mark the line but if Messi continues his steps, decide to play until his retirement in the Blaugrana club and respect the injury, can pass you in the future. But these are just figures dwarfed by the way they play, the magic of Messi always waiting Barca fans. A bicentennial Messi. (via SPORT)