10 February 2012

Mendilibar: "If Barça has a good day is very hard to beat"

Osasuna coach Jose Luis Mendilibar, said that "you can win at Barcelona," but explained that "knowing that it is very difficult," especially if all Pep Guardiola has a good day.

"They can win, knowing that it is very difficult. We are seeing that it goes away worse than at home. It is also true that generate scoring chances on all sides and now find it difficult to materialize," said conference in press after training in Tajonar. Mendilibar said "if you have a good day is very difficult," but expressed confidence to pull something positive to play at the Reyno de Navarra: "We are in our house, we know the support we will give our fans and at least not have to think who is lost, unlike, let's fight it. "

When asked if it is a good time to play against Barcelona, ​​said that "bad play very few games." "That is so clear, then they can be successful or not. Not remind a no occasions in a while," he said. In this regard, he added: "It has always made times, and many. Only Messi makes you four in each game: outside, at home, where you play, even if playing in the schoolyard, sure." "The numbers who have lost away from home are there and how they are winning lately, but I do not to that much attention," he stated.

The coach also attaches importance to Biscayan injuries in the Barca team: "Throughout the season has been injured and has not been noticed much. Have so much quality throughout the template that I think they themselves do not care get two or three kids below and play the same way. " Osasuna has denied that a desire to keep it special to Barcelona by 8-0 in the League at the Camp Nou and the controversy in addressing the Copa del Rey and stressed that Osasuna should be "aggressive" and "can not forgive" generating chances if you want to surprise Barcelona.

State of the grass of Navarra, which is hard by the frost of last week, said: "We like them. We have not trained in the stadium." "The circumstances are the same for all: when the field is fine when it is very bad. There are teams that drop out of high grass and no water, we do not do those things. If it is not a matter of time before we can not do absolutely nothing, "he noted.

Finally, he spoke of the surprise in the call to leave out Eneko Satrústegui, who in recent days had taken place to the Finnish international Jukka Raitala. "I think I have to. I try to choose the best viewing practices and games, and I preferred to choose for this match Raitala, on call," he said. (via SORT)