07 February 2012

Mendilibar: "Barça can suffer here, but it's clear favorite"

Osasuna coach said he believes that FC Barcelona has to suffer in his visit to the Reyno de Navarra, but stressed that Guardiola's team is "clear favorite" for this match in Pamplona.

Mendilibar's view, the only way to beat the Barcelona is that "first they do not have a good day and you're good."

Biscayan coach has said he is "convinced" that FC Barcelona "will lose points by the end of la Liga," but stressed that the Saturday's game "are clear favorites in principle" but has stated: "We know that here may suffer."

When asked if it can be a good time to defeat to Barcelona and this can be carried away in la Liga for the distance with Real Madrid, replied: "I think it is too early to get carried away. Are seven points, but I still see options to win la Liga. "

"Another thing is you have to take care of the players because of injuries. May play here with some of the subsidiary, but not mean it's going to throw in la Liga, because those people will play to win. Can be a time ?. We'll see, "he opined.

Mendilibar noted that in a clash against Barcelona depend more of rightness or wrongness of rival your own performance.
In this regard, said that against Real Sociedad "Messi had a goal, but had six times."

"I was watching the game and tell us we would have gotten four and we had gone with 7-0 to home, but not because they play better or worse, but because he at that time was not right," he observed.

"It's not that the opposite did wonders. Had sometimes very clear. Who lose by 1, 3 or 5 depends on them, because you always create such occasions," said Mendilibar, who does not believe further that the party of Seville Nou Camp as a reference for how to play to Barcelona: "I could get five," he remembered.

Osasuna coach pointed out some years ago "was pretty" face the two 'big' "because it could compete more."

"They have always been the best, but now is very complicated and more in your field and how is the rivalry between the clubs, including coaches, between the cracks: Messi and Ronaldo. Now do not relax or stop. While going 3-0, want to get your goal, "he said.

He refused to have more "feeling" with Guardiola, which coincided in 2009 at a workshop for trainers in Lanzarote, with Real Madrid coach Jose Mourinho, and in this sense has said he is grateful to the Portuguese for giving permission to observe their training.

"I have gone to Madrid workouts with the permission of Mourinho, when I could not get anybody, and I think since people wanted to go and could not. I have nothing against Mourinho, on the contrary, I have tried to I no longer wonder and see the coaches in a privileged home, "he recalled.

In this regard, he added: "There are times that bullshit they say 'this is friend of the other' and if I pass over that and then I'm going is enlarged more milk. Let everyone do what they want. I have a normal relationship with Guardiola as another coach. "

"They have proven to be very good both. Guardiola at Barcelona and Mourinho in the best teams in Portugal, Italy, England and Spain. How can we say that a bad coach?. It is impossible," he explained. (via SPORT)