17 February 2012

Meet the Plan B of Guardiola for the defender

Guardiola only have four first-team defenses against Valencia. The coach has been found in a wild recurrent subsidiary.

The low of Mascherano and Alves through suspension force Guardiola moving piece for the game against Valencia. The coach loses two pieces fundamentalas back and re delegate to the subsidiary, as every time the team suffers a mishap. Pep found in B sufficient resources to cover any low in all areas of the field.

This time could have Muniesa, Bartra and Montoya. All three players are the first team next academic year and their presence in the first team is increasingly common. Against Valencia, Guardiola will have Carles Puyol, Piqué, Abidal and Adriano, four players of guarantees that ensure a back four made ​​up entirely of first team players. In prinicipio this seems the most logical choice, especially by the entity's rival, but the younger ones may also have an opportunity. For now, the three participated in yesterday's session of the first team in another gesture of Pep with the reserves.

Zubizarreta and recently announced that Muniesa, Bartra and Montoya will be the first team the course that comes and Pep tries to accommodate them the maximum demand: "Barcelona will probably depend on them in the future and is a very valid generation." The plan is well known. That are key players in the B and they increase their apparitions. "We have to acclimate to Bartra, who need," he said after the match against Leverkusen to justify their presence on the bench.

"Muniesa is a very high level. We are very quiet, "advises Eusebio, a coach who is making the best centre-back, central midfielder now in the subsidiary. Montoya also marked in rojo in the book of Pep. "Barcelona has a very good full-back for the future." The three 'with permission from Sergi Gómez are one of the most promising defenders generations departures at La Masia. And the three accepted the challenge to join the first team the course that comes with the maximum illusion.

From the inferior Muniesa, Bartra and Montoya players have been very well regarded by experts from the quarry. Now that they are closer than ever first team say they are ready for the challenge. "Psychologically I am stronger. More comfortable with the ball and I have less pressure. I have also matured physically, says ''Muni'' on the website of FC Barcelona. "I know now my role is here in the subsidiary. Touch continue to work and what they have to go and come. "Bartra is on a cloud: "Playing in the first team was a dream I had since I was little." And Montoya thanks to Pep the confidence: "I arrived with nine years Benjamin A. It's a dream. But Guardiola would be very difficult climb to the first team. "The three are the future of Barcelona.

Pep has already debuted with six plants and one full-back

Pep Guardiola has been found in a quarry subsidiary defense class. Since the coach took the reins of the first team, 22 players have debuted from the cantera. Of these 22, six are midfielders, nine and seven are front fenders. Abraham, Botia, Montoya, Bartra, Sergi Gómez Fontàs and Muniesa have been chosen by the coach for the first team. Of the seven, only Botia (with an option by the still reecompra Barcelona) and outside the club. Abraham, meanwhile remains in the subsidiary and does not seem to have many opcionescon the first team. The rest, except Sergi Gómez, should join the first team next team. Along with Puyol, Piqué and Fontàs would be six defenders of La Masia in the first team for the 2012-13 season. (via SPORT)