16 February 2012

Manel Estiarte chat with Joan Piqué on the flight back from Cologne

The henchman Guardiola has dealt with the defense of his amazing father absence in the call for Leverkusen.

Fans and journalists who traveled with FC Barcelona to Germany have witnessed this morning the conversation they have held for the return flight Manel Estiarte , the confidant of Pep Guardiola and Joan Pique , father of the Barca defender, which surprisingly fell off the final list of eighteen for the match against Bayer Leverkusen.

The talk between them, with Francesc Fabregas , Cesc's father, as a witness, has been informal. They have spoken from the trip to Germany of Piqué and Fàbregas seniors that are intimate friends, but also, evidently, of the decision of Pep regarding the centre-back. The father, nor the player, have demanded explanations. Although this morning were still somewhat annoying, they think that is a situation that a professional should take to correct and not repeated.

The conversation between them has been recorded by a cameraman of TV3, Óscar Sanz. Estiarte has already been given bill inclination of those responsible for press of the club, Sergi Nogueras and 'Chemi' Terés, has asked that the images were not emitted by the interpretations that could be generated. And why Barça while flying is prohibited to capture images. Both the camera and journalist Jordi Fargas have understood the explanations of the members of the department of communication and have not offered the meeting between Estiarte and Pique in the TV3 news program noon, as originally envisaged. (via MD)