26 February 2012

Luis Enrique just think of Roma

It is spoken of as one of the forward-looking to the bench of Barça if Guardiola does not continue, but Luis Enrique just think 'Giallorosso'.

Luis Enrique is focused on his work in Roma, who heads the club since last summer. The Asturian does not know anything about the rumors that he would place on the bench for FC Barcelona: "Talking about future in football is a utopia, there is no future. The only sure thing is that society (Roma) has given me great confidence in the early tempoorada when things were not going as expected. If the company wants, I'll be very happy to stay until the end of my contract, "he told" Corriere della Sera '.

For now, the option of returning to lead the to Barça first team contemplates: "I have not changed. I'm the same person a few months ago. I'd rather not talk bad about me, but I do not pay much attention to what is said. " (via SPORT)