10 February 2012

Lillo admits he was about to train to Barcelona ... thanks to Guardiola

Juan Manuel Lillo and Pep Guardiola have a good friendship for more than a decade. And there was a time when both could have coincided with FC Barcelona.

Basque coach acknowledges, in an interview with FIFA.com , Guardiola recommended his signing for Barça over a decade ago, when today Rijkaard was part of Joan Bassat's candidacy for president of the club.

Lillo desvela that knew Guardiola during their stage to the front of the stool of Oviedo: "I had just finished a league match, played at Oviedo against Barca and we lost 2-4, but played very well. Suddenly, knocked on the door of the wardrobe and was Guardiola, who came without being changed, and asked if I cared to talk a minute. How would I talk to import the best midfielder in soccer history!. He told me he liked how I played my team, and I wanted to stay in touch. And what began as a little thing became much more professional. "

Lillo explains how, thanks to Pep, was very close to becoming coach of Barca. Something would have happened if Lluís Bassat had acceded to the presidency of the organization in 2001: "He was going to be the athletic director's candidacy Bassat, who was the favorite, and I set out to be the coach if that happened. Finally, Laporta won, but that fact speaks of the enormous professional esteem that there's one for the other, "he says.

Subsequently, the Lillo was hired by Dorados de Culiacan, and recommended the signing of Guardiola. Both athletes share the same football philosophy: "It's hard to go see play a core team of Barca do not see where the players control the ball with the leg furthest from the pass. That fact seems small butterfly effect generates a very large, because if people get that foot, it takes fewer taps to distribute the ball and thus have more vision to play the game better. "

Basque coach recognizes that the luck factor also influences the success: "Pep could be doing the same thing and lost. If Essien had cleared well at Stamford Bridge, and had not won the Champions of 2009, may not exist this club. Chance plays a huge role. It's not the results, but the process, and is the process by which we must judge the work of a coach. " (via SPORT)