17 February 2012

A less physical, more 4-3-3 at Barça

Pep has five straight games with that drawing, the more ''streak' of course.
The 3-4-3 has lost weight this month with fatigue, low 'players' and opponents.

They come back to the Camp Nou the Valencia and the dangerous left-handed duo forming Jérémy Mathieu and Jordi Alba. Barça, scarred from the first round 2-2 in league to go his defense of bolide to break with the 3-4-3, eliminated the 'Chés' in the Cup with a more traditional design, the 4-3 -3 with whom he won the first 12 titles in the 'Guardiola was'. It is true that in the clash at Mestalla September, after recovering the beginning of the second half, 4-3-3, eventually managed a draw playing the final half hour with the 3-4-3 but with much more security. Will have to see what system will choose Pep this Sunday.

Keeping the scheme untouchable the first three years, the club officers accumulate six games remaining faithful to its origins in the stage of the season is at least plethoric appearance. The five-game gust with 4-3-3 and is the longest in a campaign marked by constant changes to achieve the desired tactical reinvention with the signings of Cesc and Alexis.

In the numerical balance, the 4-3-3 has distanced this month to the 3-4-3 after leaving Cornellà with a tie. In the 31 commitments so far, Barça started in 15 with a more offensive board including in the group of 3-4-3 the clásico league at the Bernabeu (1-3). Although Pep came with four backs, changed just after Benzema's goal at 22 seconds. However, the recent trend has been to rescue the approach almost forever. The 4-3-3 has been chosen in nine of the last 11 games. In addition to the potential of Madrid, Valencia and including Málaga for the wings, have influenced other factors.

The goal of the 3-4-3 is overpopulate multiplying the average talent and offensive variants. For this it is necessary that the 'players' (read Xavi, Iniesta, Cesc, Thiago) is closer to Messi not to mention a physically demanding. In this beginning of the year, nor had all the 'players' to stop for some injuries or fuel is left in an age that often coincides with a drop in performance art. So, no have more defenses back saved to Barça to fit more goals: 12 in 11 games leaving only two times the frame to zero.

Yes, the Pep Barça, usually leading to the top courses, go to more. Iniesta and Xavi again, Cesc can play above and Messi will be liberated. Pep will go with the just and will again stun opponents with the 3-4-3, the 4-3-3 or what he himself invented. (via MD)