13 February 2012

La Cartuja, another alternative to the Bernabeu for the Cup

Now meet Barcelona and Athletic at the headquarters of the RFEF in Madrid to decide the final stage of.

From 11.30 in the morning is scheduled to start the meeting between representatives of Barcelona and Athletic Bilbao in search of the headquarters where they will play the final of Copa Spanish Football Federation, which organizes the event, also will be present this morning at the summit.

In fact, the meeting is held at the headquarters of the Federation in Madrid. By the Barcelona attended by the director and spokesperson for the board, Antoni Freixa, and the director general of the organization, Antonio Rossich, while the Basque club will be present at the meeting of its president, Joshua Urrutia, and Vice President Jon Munoz . Also both delegations will accompany the executive in charge of ticketing `what for deciding the allocation of tickets and how to do it.

Both Barcelona and Athletic have already spoken publicly by picking the Bernabeu as the best option, both for the equidistance to travel between two cities, which would hold about 35,000 fans. However, Florentino Perez has put forward some work to try to stop alleged option coliseo blanco. The second is Valencia, but has entered strongly in the past the possibility of playing in the field of La Cartuja in Seville.

In any case, the puzzle is solved in the next few hours as it is known today the final seat. It is possible that the date is still in the air as they wait to learn if Barça reach the Champions League final. If the Blaugrana still exceeds playoffs, would the 24 or April 25 when the dispute is scheduled around the Champions, ie it is not then know the date of the final of Copa

The RFEF president Angel Maria Villar, said yesterday he was "very confident" about the possibility that the two finalists get to agree on the seat, but said that "sometimes it is not possible and then have to decide the Federation itself. " Indeed, Barcelona will try to mitigate the errors committed by the RFEF in the last final played in Barcelona in Valencia against Athletic Villar as the quota of tickets distributed to federal Athletic fans, undermining the alleged equality the capacity of both hobbies. (via SPORT)