02 February 2012

Keita: "Before I came to Barcelona I had contacts with the Madrid"

Real Madrid and Juventus dreamed but incorporating Malian Keita was clear he wanted to be Barca.

Seydou Keita is happy of having chosen in key azulgrana. With FC Barcelona has reached the sky level and game titles. Malian midfielder revealed in an interview with French newspaper L'Equipe that he had no doubt call at FC Barcelona on the table but had offers from Real Madrid and Juventus.

"Barca called me after two or three difficult years. People had advised me not to go. I was in contact with Real Madrid in a well advanced with Juve. I finally called my agent and said, I will Barcelona, ​​"he said.

Keita also showed his preference for the methods employed by Pep Guardiola which claims to be learning a lot since you're at your service. "With Pep Guardiola, the training is very different from what had hitherto known. I had not worked so far. The philosophy is to have the ball," he said.

The midfielder praised his teammates and his style of play and emphasized that not everything is the result of the quality but also the great work. "To technical part exists the tactical intelligence," he said. (via SPORT)