02 February 2012

Jordi Moix: "We don't go to the parkings, we evaluate what happens"

The vice president of Barcelona, ​​Jordi Moix, stated that since the club azulgrana"is not talking about the referees'. And he remembered that none of the Catalan "go to the car parks", but "we evaluate what is happening."

The vice president of Barcelona, ​​Jordi Moix , stated that since the club azulgrana "is not talking about the referees," and recalled that in the Catalan "is not going to the car parks", but "we evaluate what is happening . "

Speaking to Canal Plus , Moix , in charge of Barcelona's heritage has been very graphic when you have asked about the action in which José Manuel Pinto has touched the ball with his hand outside the area and should have been expelled. "Pinto is a little out of the area on that play, but I will appreciate it. Barça is not talking about the referees, they asked if they favored or harmed us and said, nothing more," said Moix , on a recent statements by President Sandro Rosell about it.

But Moix was further on: They have whistled "us two or three penaltis in one year. It is necessary to be very respectful because it is a very difficult job. The vice president refers to some images provided by a Barcelona newspaper after the semifinal round of Copa which saw Real Madrid coach, Jose Mourinho , waiting for the referee of that match, Teixeira Vitienes in the parking lot of Camp Nou Referee to show their dissatisfaction with the arbitration. (via MD)