29 February 2012

Javi Martínez: "I'm worth 40 million"

Javi Martinez (Ayegui, Navarra, September 2, 1988) is one of the players in Spanish football fashion that is shining with its own light, Athletic of Bielsa. Not surprisingly, his great season has not gone unnoticed by the club, has his eyes on him for his quality and its versatility as it can play in midfield or central. Its high-clause, 40 million, makes the transfer, but the possible sale of Keita to Milan could facilitate the arrival of Javi Martínez to Barça.

Go great season they are doing you and Athletic ...

Javi Martinez (JM): Yes, we're fine the two. I am in tune with the team, which is a good time and in a good position in all three competitions. March to get to live on three fronts is something to be proud, we're having a good season.

At the moment, which already have insurance is to play the final of the Copa del Rey. By the way, to fuss with the venue for the final where they would want it do you play?

JM: We prefer the largest possible field because we feel sorry that many fans can not keep an appointment so pretty. It seems that the Bernabéu is not possible for whatever reason and I think next largest are the Calderón and Mestalla. In the fit more people.

A final will be against Barca. Go great game, right?

JM: Yes, but it is also unfortunate that the two times we've reached the cup final we face the best team in history. But hey, is there, and if that's because he deserves it, but it is true that this year we are more confident of victory two years ago. I'm not saying that two years ago we were not confident, but now is no better team, we are better and a little closer to them.

Speaking of Barça you go into the future plans of the azulgrana equipment. Something to say?

JM: Now do not say anything, that at the end are always things going, the world of football has these things. Although it is very nice to talk to you in the newspapers. Let there be computers that you want to make you feel valued and that is a function of what you are doing and to say you're doing things right. I am very happy to talk about me, but now I'm very focused on what I have, that is enough, so try not to give much attention to that.

And in the selection, with eight of Barça would not have talked about it?

LM: (laughs) No, do not talk because in the end, if fichasen to all players who will sign, phew! I recently came Muniain future, then spoke of Bielsa ... eventually talk much, but templates have 50 players.

Well, imagine that this summer, the Barça will be for you, but finds that its clause is very high, 40 million, do you think that could derail that operation?

LM: I do not think there's anyone who wants to pay so much for me. I see too much money for me. (Laughter) I do not think it's worth so I do not think that is worth 40 million.

Back to reality, one of the aspects that you like to technicians Barça is its versatility. Are you where you are more comfortable, as a midfielder or central?

JM: Look, I've been back a little lost the position because it was so novel, it was a situation that had never played, he did later, but never behind. It took me a little because, as I said, was something lost for not having never played there and it makes you not being used, but little by little you are molding because I've been playing games and work in practice. Now I feel very comfortable, but if one day the boss, or whoever, decides to get below, I'll be delighted.

Speaking of Mr., Do so influenced Bielsa this Athletic?

JM: Of course that matters. Having a coach like him is a privilege for us, we have a coach who is among the best in the world. We're trying to exploit. From the beginning we have learned a lot. It really is a crack.

Before, you said that this year's Athletic with more confidence going to the Cup final, is Bielsa which gives them such confidence?

JM: Yes, it gives us confidence to play the ball, get the ball from behind, always trying to take possession of the ball. That we have noticed a lot because what he wants above all is to have possession of the balcony.

What is undeniable is that since Argentina is on the bench, Athletic is fashionable. So far, only exceeded in the presence of Barca players between the absolute and the Olympic. The azulgrana and Athletic have 11, eight.

JM: That's a sign that things are doing very well. The players are doing well and hopefully we can be in both the Games and in the European Championship.

As you seem to have many numbers to be in these two competitions.

JM: I do not know, I do not know if I will be in Euro, in the Games or both. For me, playing two tournaments so big, so important as this is a dream and hopefully we can be in both.

What about crossing against Manchester United in the Champions League?

JM: It's a prize and a dream for us to play at Old Trafford against Manchester United. Also for the fans who will leave Old Trafford small. That gives us much grief because rarely has played and will play Athletic at Old Trafford and it's a shame they can not all go.

By the way, what do you think of all that we are talking about the front center of the selection?

JM: I do not think there's any team that has a front like ours. The bad luck is that Guaje, our best example to the goal, is injured, but I'm sure he will recover and will be with us. (via MD)