19 February 2012

In England come to Guardiola "prepared" to relieve Wenger at Arsenal

The media seize the Arsenal debacle sport and Pep's doubts about his renewal with Barça to link the future of Santpedor coach to all 'gunner'.

Premier League Media longs for Pep Guardiola. If a few weeks ago Real Madrid's José Mourinho was the object of desire of most top teams in the Premiership, now is the Santpedor coach who takes over after his recent remarks in which he showed his doubts to renew its link as coach of FC Barcelona.

And the first Guardiola potential destinations in England have just begun to come to light through various informative publications. The newspaper 'Daily Mail' was quick to echo his opinions and considered that Pep is "ready" to assume the Arsenal bench.

After passing through sports deblace the Gunners, with special emphasis on the catastrophic last week, virtually out of the Champions League after the win (4-0) in Milan and eliminated from the FA Cup-the press already assumes that Arsène Wenger cycle in London is nearing its end, after a drought of titles this season will be extended until seven campaigns.

Since the American Stan Kroenke became Arsenal's majority shareholder, the London club fired his popularity. A media impact, however, is closely linked to the success of the team sports, and could be diminished after recent disappointments.

After seeing that Wenger does not give the key to revive the team, all eyes from the Emirates Stadium would point to Pep Guardiola, especially after his recent remarks in which left open the future and have become a bonanza for the press English, eager to put rumors to new coaches on the bench whose coaches flirt with the dismissal. (via SPORT)