28 February 2012

How to give up a league, from Cruyff to Guardiola

Cruyff was speaking after the tie to a goal in the Camp Nou against Burgos in 1992.
The difference between Cruyff and Guardiola is that Pep is with yours and have them on a pedestal.

Statements coach Pep Guardiola on Sunday night after the game against Atlético Madrid, which lost the League was to have generated many reactions antagonists in the media, although not far removed from those uttered by Johan Cruyff in 1992, precisely a year when Barça won the title.

The firm position of Guardiola when he said at the Calderón that the club will not win la Liga has been distilled in three ways: to motivate his players, a cryptic complaint without naming the referees or just suspect that no matter how compact it is manifested Barcelona will be impossible to reduce the ten points separating him with Real Madrid for the strength of it.

Surprisingly, this statement is very similar to that once dropped a plaintiff Johan Cruyff, who after the tie to a goal at the Camp Nou against Burgos, said little less in May 1992 that the League was lost for Barça after day 33 and focalizarían interest in the European Cup at Wembley. "In this league we staged a big comeback after frustrating start to the season. After reaching the Madrid had to be tight again, but in the last five or six weeks have dropped their guard and the team has played during this phase without conviction . It was as if we we played the league. After this result, we have already lost, "said Cruyff.

In fact, he left the Barça tie in a league that rewarded with two points to one victory and four of Atletico Madrid, when there were only five days to complete the championship. Engaged in securing their first European Cup, Barça had a reaction to wins and thrashings virtuous everywhere (3-0 Mallorca, 0-6, Valladolid and Espanyol, 0-4) won the continental scepter and took la Liga, also in part by a cascade of errors of Madrid, which lost two of five games (Oviedo, 1-0, Tenerife, 3-2) and tied another (Osasuna 1-1).

The cry of Cruyff was clearly to motivate a workforce returning to historical mistakes with failure to rivals that ultimately criminalized in the fight for the title.

Different looks expressed by Josep Guardiola, although it is possible that also seeks to maintain tension in his players, who last night gave a sample to overcome before a hard Athletic (1-2), who came to tie the game. Guardiola has always been away from the dispute arbitration, but between the lines read is also a certain irony to the members, especially this year. "I do not think we win the league. Do not think we get to catch them (Real Madrid). But compete to remain what we have been" proclaimed in the press room at the Vicente Calderón Guardiola, who went further and linked the yellow Lionel Messi saw Madrid and Pepe, who will miss the next meeting due to accumulation of cautions.

"I always ask to rest Messi, for so rest next week, like Pepe," Guardiola added a helplessly observing the Madrid does not stumble and accompanying a mantra in some quarters, especially barcelonistas, that is being favored by the referees.

Guardiola does not fit fully or tangentially in the view we have from sections the barcelonismo that Madrid could have gone favored arbitration decisions, but builds a disjointed speech in the leaves open all possibilities of interpretation when ruling that the club not win the league, despite being 42 points to play. Unlike Cruyff, who raised the complaint and all but threw in the towel at 92 because he did not trust his players, Guardiola repeats the staging.

The difference between teacher and student is that Guardiola is not only with their own, but have them on a pedestal, while suggesting that is unable to fight for the fourth consecutive league title, leaving ajar suspicion with which pushes doubt the institutions, officials and Madrid, without saying it. (via MD)