09 February 2012

"The headquarters of the Cup final will be decided on Monday"

The two clubs and RFEF will meet on Monday (11.30 h.) in Las Rozas.
"The most logical options are Bernabéu, Mestalla and Camp Nou", López has assured in Ona FM.
It is not certain that Barça refused to leave Camp Nou in 2004", the federative leader has added.

Miguel Angel Lopez, coordinator of the RFEF parties, confirmed in an interview on 'Fora de Joc' (Ona FM) that" next Monday at 11.30 h. start in Las Rozas (home of the RFEF) meeting to decide the venue for the final of the Copa del Rey "which played Barça and Athletic Bilbao. Both clubs and federal agency representatives will attend the same. As agreed in July in the federal assembly, the party date is Sunday May 20 if Barca team does not play a day before the final of the Champions League or Friday, May 25 if Pep Guardiola have possibility of retaining his European title in Munich.

In spite of the fact that the press from Madrid gives today for fact that Real Madrid Santiago Bernabéu won't give alleging problems of security and a plan to already execute some works foreseen, Lopez did not rule out the feud host the final target. " At the moment it is not excluded. The most logical choices are the Camp Nou Mestalla or the Bernabeu. "

Moreover, the federation spokesman denied that FC Barcelona would not want to leave the Stadium in 2004 for the final that Real Madrid played and ended up losing against Real Zaragoza: "In 2004 he was the city of Barcelona who offered to play in the Estadi Olímpic. Barça never denied that the final will be played at the Camp Nou " .

Between 21:30 and 22:00 h.
Finally, Lopez said, "is played on 20 or 25 May, when the match will be between 21.30 h. and 22.00 h.". TVE has exclusive rights to transmit the final. (via MD)