08 February 2012

Gullit: "Barça is the best, has the best"

One of the many legends of the sport, in this case football, strolling the red carpet at the Laureus was Ruud Gullit . The former Dutch Ballon d'Or in 1987 and European champions the Netherlands (1988) and Milan (1988 and 1989) believes that Barca "is the best team in the world . " "Difruto much watching him play. It is normal for the best in the world because it has the best. Addition to Messi are others like Xavi, Iniesta, Puyol, Pique ..., "the 'tulip'. Precisely coincided with Pique last Christmas in an NBA game in Miami. "I fell very well," he said.

Gullit did not hesitate when customized in Leo Messi as "the world number one." "It's amazing what he does and everything he has achieved and only 24! I enjoy watching him play. It's like watching a child dressed as a man in the field," Gullit defined crack squad.

Ruud acknowledged that his childhood was marked by Johan Cruyff, Ajax then leader of the first and after Barca and selection Oranje. "I scored a lot of Johan Cruyff . was the mirror that I looked long and I tried to learn. was a genius as a player and coach, "said the now coach, who after leading the Los Angeles Galaxy and the Grozny Chechen is waiting to receive an offer that appeals to retrain.

Indeed, in memory saves a goal of Cruyff as his first memory of football. "My first memory was the goal that Cruyff marked Brazil in the World Cup 74", it remembered who was star from great Milan of Sacchi.

Gullit admitted that go to Spain and Germany as "favorites" for the European Championship. In the Netherlands, Gullit is not all: "We have had a very difficult group with Portugal, Germany and Denmark."

Beckenbauer and Charlton, 'culés''
They could not be present at the Laureus gala, but both Beckenbauer as Charlton, two of the football legends, Barca want to congratulate the prize. "Barca is not limited to being the best team, is one of the world's most spectacular teams," said Franz. "It has magnificent players already that it owes their success Barça, success that will continue", Charlton omened.