26 February 2012

Guardiola: "My renewal is a tiresome theme"

Pep Guardiola relaunched balls out on renewal by ensuring that FC Barcelona "is a tiresome issue" and that "when there are updates, and you will know."

The coach azulgrana dismissed in this way the questions asked at its press conference on Saturday, after the duel this weekend against Atlético Madrid.

Guardiola admitted that the target of Real Madrid in the lead is difficult, if not throw the towel in the fight for the championship: "When a team is ten points is very complicated. The future will tell what will happen. We must try win and not think of anything else. Go and live game at the last three months left with a clear conscience for what we have done this year and knowing that we are able to play at the level we have shown in recent months, "said . And is that the coach believes that his team "has done things so bad as to have those distances, but the difference is what is."

The coach azulgrana does not think the win in Leverkusen was a turning point of the Barça as the football team has played in recent months has not anything unworthy in their best moments. However, it has recognized that, at times, citing the party in the Reyno de Navarra against Osasuna, "perhaps a tad lacking in ambition."

Guardiola urged his players not to "throw up their hands" and to continue competing at the highest in all tournaments.

With respect to this Sunday's duel against Atletico, the coach barcelonista assumes that since the arrival of 'Cholo' Simeone to the bench, the mattress have significantly improved their results and their performance: "Almost everything is hand Atlético Simeone. has soul, all the players work, struggle ... why they are unbeaten. dynamics are not easily changed mid-season and he has succeeded. you will note the stamp on the team. "

In his view, the key to winning the rojiblanco eleven passes for "play better than them, prevent and control Falcao cons" whom he defined as "the best player in the area of the world."

FC Barcelona has been recovered in recent days effective to the extent that Guardiola finally able to complete a call with first team players, in addition to the squad Tello: "It better be all that they are not. But Thiago, Isaac Cuenca or Tello but have always responded well to the requirement that has to play for Barcelona. in recent games, youth have been the best. "

the coach barcelonista came out in defense of young subsidiary has strengthened the staff in recent times. He recalled that "one month January has been very hard, but overall we have been at a good level. We had a good tone lately. Do not think there was a year of ups and downs in the game. I have the perception that we have been so bad or so away from our level. "

Regarding the call for Xavi to play with the Spanish team next week after missing recent matches through injury, said: "I ​​have spoken with Del Bosque and Xavi is almost good. And if Vicente calls it, knows it will care. If you understand that is to play 90 minutes, will play. And if not, set aside. We understand that the Federation takes good care of the players. We have no complaint nor they of us. "

Guardiola avoided giving advice to his counterpart Jose Mourinho when asked if the Luso should stay at Real Madrid next season, "Mourinho is very intelligent. He knows what is best." (via SPORT)