16 February 2012

Guardiola is inspired by futsal

A video of Japan coach Miguel Rodrigo, explores the similarities between football and with particular incidendia at Barca.

Since the arrival of Pep Guardiola on the bench the first team in the summer of 2008, FC Barcelona has reinforced its strong commitment to excellence and strive for excellence through precision and unwavering style based on the tap. In this sense, many of the movements of the Blaugrana are strongly influenced by the younger brother of football. In fact, one could get to say that Barça divided the field into several "mini-games' simultaneous.

Guardiola has always shown great interest in the automation that characterize the football and fixing them to the design philosophy of team play whenever deemed appropriate. The coach lives almost obsessed Barcelona innovate to keep the team play becomes predictable and has held talks with Futsal heavyweights at the national level and also with the current Alusport Barca coach Marc Carmona.

The manager of dissecting these marked similarities between the two sports has been Miguel Rodrigo, coach and referent Japanese Futsal after visiting Granada, Nazareno, Jaen, Caja Segovia, Dinamo Moscow, Luparese and Padova. Granada coach has developed a comprehensive video that explores the similarities between both sports and most of the examples in the personalize Pep. The video ends with the following message: "Practice Futsal to be a great football player."

"Rather than just copying plays or certain concepts of futsal in my opinion I think that above all is a matter of style. Today Barça is the only team or the only teams in the world who base their game on the management of spaces. The ball seems to fly and to achieve this result requires highly technical skills and a near-perfect placement on the field, "reflects Marc Carmona.

And is that a key futsal lies precisely in the continuous triangulations aiming to achieve superiority in both attack and defense, something the team coached by Pep Guardiola continuously implemented despite the difficulty of fact have ten players (or rather eleven, because Victor Valdes plays a very active). In futsal with four players plus the goalkeeper, the possible combinations are limited.

The game of long and patient possessions Barca without losing the ball to find the right time to overcome the contrary is very similar to what happens in futsal especially when one team turns to 'goalkeeper' in the stretch of games. "Yes, but then you have a player (the 'goalkeeper-player') and football are ten against ten, which makes Barça has much more merit, because the superiority achieved through the possession and despite both teams have the same number of players, "said the coach that led to a historic treble Barça Alusport in the past year.

The aforementioned video starts with both Leo Messi against Panathinaikos in the first game of the last Champions and ended 5-1. At the stroke of half, Argentina signed a goal after a great combination in which the whole team stepped in and then commentator and current coach of Barça B, Eusebio Sacristan, it was clear: "It looked like a Futsal goal," said the La Seca. And it remains the goal of Thiago in this Copa del Rey against L'Hospitalet, who beat after a spectacular fake Craviotto and television commentator, English Sid Lowe reiterated that looked like a Futsal action. "It shows he has played much to the sport," he said.

The 'Barça style' has a long list of concepts characteristic of their 'little brother': the aforementioned long possessions, movement of the ball, uncheck the game without the ball fakes, controls the sole repeat Messi , Iniesta and company, the output of the pressure or the so-called 'parallel' (go inside in parallel to a player short).

"The key is how to push Barça when they lose the ball. It is a matter of placement and arrangement on the lawn, "says Carmona. Not the Barca coach Alusport wielding the only argument. In fact, most analysts have all agreed that this pressure is the axis on which the game runs Blaugrana. So much so that when it fails or does not develop with precision and intensity, the computer does not work. (via SPORT)