06 February 2012

Guardiola gives life to an endangered species

The technical staff seemed to pay homage to their alignment to the Dream Team, which is clearly bet by placing two men stuck to lime.

Tello is a pure winger, something very difficult to find, "said Guardiola minutes after use, before the Real Sociedad, two players with different profiles but the same species, one that ultimately cost seen in the Camp Nou. And much more twice.

The technical staff recovered the double figure of the winger than at other times had been law in the starting lineup. Tello and Cuenca became Txiki and Goikoetxea for a day. Both were part of the Dream Team and occupied for several seasons bands in the whole coaching Johan Cruyff. Despite Guardiola has given new and more sophisticated weapons system that the Dutch introduced in Barça, before the Real Sociedad found that attack honor back to the origins. The continuity of the two homegrown depends on many factors, but for now, Cuenca is now first team player and Tello, little by little, is earning the right to be, at least until end of season.

Both want a career in a team that historically has had people glued to the lime. The winger example of a pair of the newest of Overmars and Quaresma, although lesions of the Dutch and had little patience with the Portuguese did not allow a regular match on grass. In fact, only shared clothing Rijkaard's first season.

Yes they did other players who lived in the lime, from which unfolded its full potential. Luis Figo, whose centers are now compared with those of Cuenca, was perhaps the last major point that has been Barça. Only his move to Real Madrid overshadowed his career as Blaugrana, although the titles and numbers speak for him leaving. Also won Giuly, who he lived the explosion of Leo Messi, let alone performance or Simao gave Geovanni Deiberson. The question is to know what would have happened if his time had been different. Barca is a team accustomed to wingers and for a long time, became absolute champion of the species. Cuenca and Tello are part of that heritage that Pep Guardiola once again put on the front line against Real Sociedad. The Sabadell scoring and claiming it held a figure that is still alive at the Camp Nou. (via SPORT)