10 February 2012

Gonzalo Castro: "The Bayer-Barca play to 9 below zero"

Gonzalo Castro is one of the players of Bayer on Tuesday will face Barca. And is happy to be able to do.

Gonzalo Castro, Spanish-born player said on "Mas Esports" Com Radio on Tuesday, when Barça plays in Leverkusen "we will be at -8 or -9 degrees." Despite the temperature, the player of Bayer is clear that "Barcelona is the favorite. We try to put the most difficult. At home maybe it's easier poderles win but at the Camp Nou will be very difficult." The hope of Gonzalo is that "on Tuesday at home, to see if we have a little luck and Barça has a bad day, it will be a little more difficult for them." When set to Bayer, Gonzalo Castro said that "we are a team we like to play football without hard fouls. No players giving kicks, we like to play football and win." In this regard, said Pepe's stomp on Messi. "These are things that hurt, there are many cameras that see it. Make a thing is dumb." Speaking of Barca, Gonzalo Castro admits that "one of my idols is Xavi, early that I like. will be a pleasure to play against Xavi on Tuesday. I want to stay with his shirt, but my compñaero Michael Ortega is the # 1 fan of Xavi and the like. has two shirts, in part one for me and the second one for Michael. "

Despite his admiration for Xavi, Gonzalo is clear that "the best is Messi Barca" and admits that his wish would be "some day be at a level similar to Iniesta." Gonzalo Castro said in the interview on "More Esports" how you felt the day I knew he would face Barca in the Champions League. "I loved the drawing, I was very happy with the match with Barcelona because I have family in Girona and may come here to see the Camp Nou." Finally, the player of Bayer recalled that "I met the Spanish team but Fabregas and Puyol the coach asked me not reporting them. They are two great players who demonstrate every day. " (via SPORT)