21 February 2012

Future Guardiolas

Barça is aware that the style of the team should prevail over the names: the profile of possible replacement for Pep is well defined.

Pep Guardiola will not be the Barça coach next season is almost unimaginable scenario for the board, staff and the fans. But the fact remains that the situation requires the club to think about alternatives. The board has not set up any parallel negotiation or has planned to open other options because it is clear that the overriding priority is to wait for Guardiola, but in the offices of the club there is unanimity in defining the profile of the coach have to take over from Pep.

The philosophy and style of play are not discussed, so that the list of coaching candidates for the bench of the Camp Nou names like Luis Enrique, Òscar García, although you can leave the club at the end of the season to continue his learning, announced Catalunya Radio, or even long term, Xavi if he decided to make a career as a coach.

They would be the 'new guardiolas', ie young coaches prepared and attached to a touch football and possession, with an inescapable calling offensive and extremely knowledgeable about the intricacies of the club, a detail that the board and especially the sporting value. Luis Enrique, his first year living in Italy at the head of Roma, noted as a possible alternative to Pep. For many, it is the natural replacement for Guardiola, for his way of thinking about the game. The Asturian has already been relieved at Barça B, when Guardiola took the first team after rising to a subsidiary of Third to Second Division B. Luis Enrique took on the challenge of ascending to the team to Second Division A and succeeded in his second season. His football philosophy is similar to that of Pep, with a 4-3-3 as the base schema, although the Asturian coach gives more importance to the physical factor and is reputed to be a coach harder in the disciplinary aspect.

The name of Òscar García fleet in the environment as one of the natural successors of the current coach of Barça. The ex player of FC Barcelona, ​​Valencia and Espanyol, now coach of Juvenil is the assistant Johan Cruyff in the Catalan selection. Its harmony with the Dutch makes it the best representative of the style of play and possession of the Barça. Relations between policy Rosell and Cruyff not cross his best, but if the Dutch had to decide on the ideal relay Guardiola, put on the table the name of Òscar Garcia, who last season won all the titles at stake in Youth and the last few days his name sounds, Shakhtar Donetsk.

To his credit plays a profound knowledge of the quarry and the support of Guardiola, who is well aware of his opinion when players move up to youth and subsidiary.

And long-term thinking, a number of managers who would welcome an opportunity to give Xavi if the midfielder decides to become a football coach when you leave the active. This is a remote hypothesis, but many believe that the best way to preserve the DNA of the team. (via SPORT)