15 February 2012

Friedrich and Kadlec, accused of not very professional to fight for the T-shirt of Messi

Defenders of Manuel Friedrich Bayer and Michal Kadlec has been strongly criticized by German media unprofessional: as revealed by the Sky TV network, both plagued Leo Messi once the first part of the Leverkusen-Barça in the knockout round of Champions and literally fought to get the shirt of '10 'Barca after the final whistle.

At that time recorded a 0-1 score and the home was not offering the best image, so they reproaches that were, like kids, be more aware of the elastic Leo party, which in eventually ended 1-3.

The winner of the unfortunate litigation was the Czech left-back Kadlec, established that while the momentary 1-1 also led the comeback Barcelona with its rulings, the loser, the central Germanic Friedrich, was given a resounding hold for slow and absent. Michal Kadlec was portrayed Messi charging the dam on the lawn of BayArena. (via MD)