29 February 2012

Freixa: "We must protect the honor of Barça and ball over the line item"

Barça spokesman states in the program '8aldia' that "we understand that the practice of the program for the information is not correct."
Freixa also considers that the statement issued by the COPE "to us is a victory."

Toni Freixa, spokesman for the board of FC Barcelona, said they must "protect the honor of the Barça" and that the program 'PuntoPelota', which the club withdrew accreditation last Friday, "over the line" after the episodes with the president of L'Hospitalet and the attempt to read the lips of Pep Guardiola and Gerard Piqué in training the next day.

Speaking to the program '8aldia' on 8TV Josep Cuni, Freixa explained that "we understand that the practice of the program for the information is not correct and we have the right to defend our honor." "There's a line that can not happen," he reiterated while admitting that "we are not one to illustrate what to do journalism, Col College of Journalists and issued a statement about it."

"We knew that the President of L'Hospitalet was trying to get information for Punto Pelota" acknowledged azulgrana spokesman and added that "the camera that he was shot, no one imagined it was grabándonos or the president of L 'Hospitalet wearing a microphone. "

About the lawsuit to Cadena COPE by doping allegations, Toni Freixa has said that the statement issued on Monday by the episcopal station "for us is a victory." "We would like the applicant had said who his source but Real Madrid is not part of the process," he added.

After being asked about why do we act in the cases of two media and sports violence not employed by some Madrid players in recent classics, the spokesman of the board of the Barça argued that "if we had reported Pepe the Single Judge would not have acted because they said it acted because there was no injury. "

About Pep Guardiola and possible renewal, Freixa explained that "we have the best coach and we want to continue". "You have to leave work Guardiola quiet. It is normal that after four years holding the maximum pressure in doubt on a personal level" mentioned above recognize that Pep "is working and planning with Zubizarreta next season. We are not leaving to work although this does not mean it's going to continue but it is the best coach out there. " (via MD)