08 February 2012

[Former player] Giuly: "Barca win the Champions"

The exblaugrana Ludovic Giuly is complicated that the club can win the league this season but predicts that "going to win the Champions".

Giuly attended Esports COPE and analyzed the system used by FC Barcelona. "" The system of Barca is having extreme rapids. In this system there is none like Barcelona, ​​"said French.

Giuly said that "everyone wants to play at the club, no other club like this." And predicted: "The league will be difficult, but will win the Champions".

About Pep Guardiola, the Frenchman said that Blaugrana coach "does an awesome job and has a level that is difficult to overcome."

Finally, Giuly wanted to make clear that "as a Barca player was the maximum of my happiness." (via SPORT)