14 February 2012

[Former B player] Triumphant return of Gai Assulin

The exazulgrana Gai Assulin again played a game with the reserves of Manchester City after a long period of inactivity.

The Israeli midfielder played at a high level in his return to the pitch after four months without being able to participate. Assulin entered the second half of the match that measured with the Manchester City Manchester United and won the 'skyblues' by 2-4, with goals including the player made in La Masia.

The good impressions left by the player exazulgrana have raised the club 'citizen' the possibility of transferring it to a top club in the Championship, where he could have the continuity that has been lacking so far in his journey English. Gai Assulin arrived at City last season and ended his contract with the club in Manchester next June. (via SPORT)

See the six goals from Manchester United 2 - Manchester City, 4: