15 February 2012

[Former B player] Arteta: "At Arsenal played like in la Masia"

Mikel Arteta, and now Barca squad Arsenal, said Wenger's Arsenal play Barca style.

Mikel Arteta was sincere in an interview with the newspaper El Pais, on the occasion of the previous leg of the knockout final disputatá Arsenal against Milan.

The Basque examined his record, especially in his time as Barca, in the subsidiary, which did not make the jump to the first team: "In Barca my clogged Guardiola, Xavi, De la Peña, Iniesta ... You can be in a skyscrapers, but not the Empire State. I always wondered what would have happened to have gone there. More than anything, because it was a crazy fan of Barca, to the point that my father sent me to bed because I would often hysterical with the games. Laudrup and Guardiola were great. But I decided to go and start an adventure, "he said.

Now in the Arsenal, based in the ownership of a team Champions, the medium compared his team to the Masia: "Yes, that's football I was taught as a child. La Masia is like many of the exercises, objectives of training ... even in how parties face, thinking more of how harm than how we played. Everton was used in the more physical and played the rough way. But passing the buck is fashionable in England and that is welcome. Now there are many teams that rasean the ball." (via SPORT)