15 February 2012

Florentino: "I told you not play the final at the Bernabeu"

Florentino and forwarded to the Federation that Madrid would not give their stadium, but his anger increased after Monday's meeting in Las Rozas.

To Florentino Perez does not sit well that the Spanish Football Federation has given reel to the request of Athletic Bilbao and Barcelona to play the final of the Copa del Rey. Real Madrid had already slipped informally that it would be impossible to give way to the final stage, and its president staged his anger in separate talks with Jorge Perez, secretary general of the Spanish Football Federation.

According to the website revealed ElEconomista.es Florentino Perez called the secretary general of the RFEF last Friday to make it clear that Madrid was not going to offer its field. "Sorry, but we can not," he said, in an attempt to address the alternative at the Bernabeu and the Federation empezase study as soon as possible alternatives.

But the anger of the white president was multiplied on Monday when, after the meeting between the three parties (Athletic, Barcelona and Federation) in Madrid, it was clear the position of the Madrid press clubs and force him to publicly justify their position. After the meeting, which urged clubs RFEF contact with Real Madrid, was the secretary of the Federation who called Florentine. "We're not grooming you to take the Bernabeu. I told you, "replied the president of Madrid in a harsh tone, visibly upset.

If Madrid maintains its position, the Federation will have no grounds to force him to give up their stadium. Secondary roads should be open, especially the Mestalla (Valencia is the only club that has offered its stage). The Calderon have not ruled out: if the final to be played on May 25, we could replant the grass after the Coldplay concert offered in that precinct on the 20th, but the RFEF not want to risk taking as high logistics cost. (via SPORT)