19 February 2012

Expand the Botiga of Camp Nou

FC Barcelona continues to break records in sales in its marketing department. Having the best team in the world on and off the field has exploded in recent years the international projection of a club that has become universal reference on how to maximize revenues in a brutal atypical. The FCBotiga of Camp Nou is the clearest example. Inaugurated on December 22, 1998 under the leadership of Josep Lluís Núñez months after sealing a partnership with Nike that continues to linger almost 15 years later, the official store of the company has undergone several renovations and is expected shortly to undertake a further extension to cope with an influx of visitors each year more spectacular.

While on game days is when there are more tails, is frenetic activity on weekdays. Be the endpoint of the tour of the Museum and Stadium ('CampNou Experience'), which generated a historic high of 19 million euros last season, is another factor that contributed to making the Nike store FCBotiga most bill worldwide. Neither the colossal Nike Town in London, with four plants at the confluence of the downtown and tourist Regent Street and Oxford Street, above the warehouse receipts of Barca, place of worship and stop for those barcelonistas who want to stay up to date and walking club colors.

Besides clothing and accessories from the U.S. multinational, the articles of 'merchandising' with the arms of Barça have been skyrocketing in sales outpacing the 'megastores' from English clubs like Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal or Chelsea, who led the way in this section.

With two plants currently the FCBotiga will be even bigger with the full conviction that the kit for the 2012-13 season, which has met with suspicion in many quarters of FC Barcelona, will sell like hotcakes beating a record year for revenue benefit of a Barça perceived 30 million euros annually from Nike over 'royalty'.

While waiting to see how the project Espai Barça, the club will use the extension of the FCBotiga for greater use of the forecourt area of Camp Nou, a few months free of parked cars, and the Boulevard, the broad avenue the Palau Blaugrana, on one side, and the Office store d'Atenció the Barcelonista, on the other. (via MD)