08 February 2012

[Ex-player] Ronald de Boer: "When you love football you will see Barça"

Ronald de Boer attended Esports COPE microphones and analyzed the Barca youth system and the situation of Ajax Amsterdam.

Asked whether Barca's youth system is the best in the world, De Boer said: "In recent years Barça is very forward in his quarry. Has many talented players. We at Ajax too, but the talent is not enough to arrive. The ranks of Barça and Ajax have the same style of play by the impact of Cruyff. We have very similar styles and philosophy. Although Barça now, I would say, is a step forward. "

On the other hand, the Dutchman praised be his teammate Pep Guardiola: "He's doing an amazing job. When I played with him was very good kid and a fantastic player. And now as a coach also has quality. Mix with it and players is spectacular. When you love football you will see Barça. Players are maxed out. I have much respect for Pep. "

Finally, the exblaugrana responded to the question of whether this is good news that the Court of Amsterdam has revoked the appointment of Van Gaal as head coach of Ajax. "Johan is a triumph. Hopefully we can leave these problems behind, because it is bad for the club. And for the first team where Frank is coaching. May we go forward, although I think it is finished. But all hope that Ajax is in the direction we want. The club has to be footballers and people with experience, "he said. (via SPORT)