10 February 2012

[Ex-player&coach] Resigns the directive of Ajax but Cruyff could continue

The directive of Ajax resigns in block and Cruyff could be new Consultant of the club.

The entire board of Ajax has announced his resignation after long months of infighting between Johan Cruyff and the four other board members. "The board of Ajax announces his resignation, which takes place in the shortest time possible, as they are successors who have the necessary support," said a club statement. The decision follows the court judgment annulling the appointment as team manager Louis van Gaal thing that Cruyff refused flatly.

Van Gaal's appointment was a decision of the directors Steven ten Have, Edgar Davis, Marjan and Paul Romer Olfers. Cruyff had no weight in that decision, and it was in total disagreement. But despite that and leave his position at the company, Cruyff could continue to work with Ajax as a counselor, as reported by the newspaper "De Volkskrant". (via SPORT)