09 February 2012

[Ex-player] Pellegrino: "Barça has everything to make his mark in world football"

The explayer Barça and Valencia, Mauricio Pellegrino spoke at the program Esports Cope.

Mauricio Pellegrino who were among other teams player of Barça and Valencia, spoke a few hours before challenging for the second leg of the semifinals of the Copa del Rey. And to begin with, told Esports Cope gave his opinion on Barça has "made" Pep Guardiola. "What I like is as regenerated, has been recycled, as has been changing the way they play. To me that is what that has enriched both the Barcelona and the Spanish football. Not play well today as when they started first year. Pep has managed to move the pieces without losing their identity. has managed to change the names without leaving Barcelona matrix. have been strengthened but not always well have lost the club's history. They have all the ingredients on the table for remain a team that leaves a footprint marked in world football. This is the fourth year, I do not know until when, "said

One of the players he likes, maybe because he plays in the same position, is Carles Puyol. "I'm always surprised at the heart of Puyol, I met this young player, and do not cause any surprise its evolution as a player, the fate that followed as a captain and in what became a Barça flag as representing the selection . Puyol has revealed that his mind and his personality is above its capacity player in all competitions. "

And Pellegrino also discussed his two compatriots. Mascherano believes that "it is a great person who lives a great professional football as a few players. Barça have won a great player and a person in the locker room will contribute much. It has a great adaptability, humility and puts all his energy into the team. " And on Leo Messi believes that "causes me much admiration. I wish I had the good fortune to direct someday. Its evolution over the years has never diminished: from that began the Messi Messi today has also become a player passes enabler to master. And that has transformed the world's best without doubt. And I'm surprised its ability to carry the weight of opinion, as rivals try to unsettle, the premsa ... I appreciate it is Argentina. As an Argentine I appreciate your behavior. " (via SPORT)