07 February 2012

[Ex-player] Mendieta: "In my time, Valencia had taken the measure to Barcelona"

Basque forgets its last culé and says that when it was "so much ché in Champions, like in Copa like in Liga we used to plant them face" to Barça.

Gaizka Mendieta, formerly of Valencia and Barcelona, ​​teams will play Wednesday at the Camp Nou to qualify for the Copa del Rey final, recalled that in his time as Valencia he had "taken the measure" the Catalan.

"In my day was Valencia who, somehow, he had taken the measure to Barcelona. Both Champions, Copa and Liga as we used to face them," said the former captain Valencia in statements provided by the Mestalla club.

The former footballer said that, as then, Valencia "has been characterized as a team over the individual". Argentine striker Claudio 'louse' Lopez was with his goals the 'black beast' of Barcelona during those clashes Mendieta and now that role would occupy Roberto Soldado. "Today the 'louse' Soldier of Valencia has shown with his goals is, at present, player reference, goals and performance that is giving the club," he said.

Mendieta, who stars along with another former player Fernando Giner, a video promoting the club to promote travel to Barcelona for the return of the semi-finals, said to the players is important to feel supported by their fans when playing on the road. "It is always important when you go to warm up to see people with their scarves, the people who have been displaced, which has made the effort to get there and somehow you owe it to them," he argued.

Mendieta encouraged followers to support the team at the Camp Nou by stating that "it is a historic moment in the history of Valencia and they themselves may be part of it. It's something they can remember in the future and say I was there, and for players is also important to see how many more fans in the field. " (via MD)